KLAMATH FALLS: Sunrise Service | Parade | Veterans Memorial Park Ceremony

Sunrise Service

6:00am (Sunrise Service)

Klamath Memorial Park Cemetery
2680 Memorial Drive
Klamath Falls OR, 97601

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Main and Spring Streets to Veterans Park
Klamath Falls OR

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Veterans Park Memorial Service


Veterans Memorial Park
10 George Nurse Way
Klamath Falls OR, 97302

[NOTE: this large park is located between Main Ave. and George Nurse Way (part of Klamath Ave.) where US Route 97 passes over the Link River (far north end of the Klamath River). where it exits Lake Ewaun) at the southern end of downtown Klamath Falls]

Program Details | Directions

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    1. Hi Dennis,

      You can find information about current sponsors of the Klamath Freedom Celebration parades (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day) on this page: https://www.klamathfc.org/sponsors. It looks like the “Sponsorship Information” link on the bottom of that page is inactive, so I would try to directly contact Mark Dodson, the COO of the Klamath Freedom Foundation, via email to klamathfreedom@gmail.com or by calling 541-450-7950. Hope this helps! -Marc

    1. Hi Ann. Thanks for your post. You are not the only one!

      I have received word from the folks at the County and at Freedom Celebration Foundation who are organizing the 2024 Memorial Day parade that the “Registration” tab on the https://www.klamathfc.org/ page is now active. So you can now register for this year’s parade. Here is a direct link to the Memorial Day Parade registration page: https://www.klamathfc.org/component/eventbooking/35-parade-2024. Note that the registration remains open until 5-25-24.

      Hope this helps! All the best, Marc.

    1. Hi Bill. Thanks for your post. Just wanted to make sure you got a reply and knew I have been in touch with the folks putting on the parade as to exactly where the registration forms for this year (2024) will be posted. I should have an answer very soon and will let you know. Best, Marc.

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