COLUMBIA CITY: Veterans Park Ceremony

11:00am to 12:00pm

Columbia City Veterans Park
330 Mattie Street
Columbia City, OR 97018

[The park is located off Highway 30 near Mattie Street. *There is no parking on Highway 30 or near the park. Use one of the designated free offsite parking locations and get excellent free bus service to and from the event.]

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Memorial Day in Columbia City

The city of Columbia City hosts its annual Memorial Day ceremony at Veterans Park, one of the more lovely memorial parks in the State. The program includes lots of music, speakers including the Mayor and current and former military members, a flag raising and lots of yummy cake afterwards.

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  1. The Columbia City City Hall and volunteers did a great job on the Veterans Park Ceremony. The Park looks great so kudos to the Public Works team. The program went off without a hitch (as always). Thank you to all the organizers.

    Lots of the folks attending are older and hearing impaired, including myself. I asked one of the Public Works guys if he could turn up the PA and he indicated that it was at maximum volume. This isn’t the first year I’ve noticed the problem. Along with the lack of PA volume is the highway traffic noise. I realize there’s nothing to be done about the traffic but perhaps next year a bigger PA system or maybe repositioning the speakers would help. I just wanted to bring this up in case it hasn’t been mentioned.

    Again, thanks for a great ceremony.

    1. Thanks so much, Bill, for your attendance and thoughtful feedback. I will make sure the organizers see it. G-d bless you and your family this Memorial Day. -Marc

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