ASTORIA: Maritime Memorial Park Ceremony


Maritime Memorial Park
10 Bay Street
Astoria, OR 97103

Program Details | Directions

The Memorial Day event in Astoria occurs at Maritime Memorial Park located directly under the Astoria/Megler bridge.  Access to the park is from Bay St, Columbia Ave. and the Astoria Riverwalk.
Memorial Day ceremony in Astoria
The park honors 1,200 beloved Astorians from the maritime industry or with other close connections to the river or the ocean, who have been lost over the years and whose names are memorialized on the wall. The service honors all in the U.S. military who gave their lives in war, but is also maritime-themed. All names on the memorial wall are read in alphabetical order.  
Family and friends bring flowers to toss into the river when their loved ones names are called. 
Memorial Day ceremony in Astoria

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  1. Thank you for your reply. Your website is still unclear whether the 2022 Memorial Day celebration is happening in person on May 30. It is only a month away and those of us from out of town need to make travel arrangements if the ceremony is truly scheduled. Will the Oregon COVID restrictions allow an in person ceremony this year? Peg

  2. Now that many Covid restrictions are being lifted, is it possible that the Memorial Day installation ceremony at the Maritime Memorial Park in Astoria might be rescheduled in person?

    1. Hi Peg. Thanks so much for your post. Great question. I know so many Memorial Day ceremony organizers around the state are anxious to hold an in-person event again. It really has been such a loss for almost all local areas to not have their normal way for people to gather together on Memorial Day. I am just starting to reach out to the various organizers across the state on where they are at in planning. I’ll be updating all the pages on this site in the coming weeks, well ahead of May 30th, with a specific note as to whether COVID will affect each locale’s 2022 event. I will also let you know (with another post here) about Astoria as soon as I find out.

      Thanks again and take care!

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