DEPOE BAY: “Fleet of Flowers” Ceremony

** UPDATE **

Great news! This event is back
better than ever after two year absence.
See you there!


U.S. Coast Guard Station / Depoe Bay Harbor
240 Coast Guard Drive
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341

Program Details | Directions

The “Fleet of Flowers” event on Memorial Day is a tradition dating back 71 years.
Memorial Day ceremony in Depoe Bay

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    1. Hi Cynthia. Thanks for your post. Yes! Fleet of Flowers is absolutely happening this year. The ceremony starts at 11:00am.

  1. This is Steve, Master at Armes for the Oregon Coast Vets. We have done the flag post seems like forever. I don’t think we have been asked this year, and also last time there was not enough cedar so i cut down one of mine for it. How’s it going this time? Please, whats going on?

  2. Hi There,
    How can we reserve to be on a boat that goes out and drops off wreaths this year on Memorial day. This event has always had a special meaning for me as my father and uncles ashes were sent out to sea. I’d like to reserve 2-4 spots if possible.
    Glenda Roe.

    1. Hi Glenda. Thanks for your post. I spoke with Melissa at the Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce (which helps with Fleet of Flowers event on Memorial Day) and gave her your contact info. She will call you to answer your question about how to arrange to be on one of the boats. I sincerely hope you have a meaningful Memorial Day in Depoe Bay. Take care!

      1. Thank you for the information on Chief Depoe, Sr. and the history! I was raised in Lincoln City.

        1. You are most welcome, Claudine. Lincoln City is a wonderful place. I hope you and yours have a very nice Memorial Day weekend.

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